Which college should I go to?

  1. gabieplease answered: UCSB
  2. kkranberry answered: depends on major, what size school you like, what atmosphere/environment you prefer…research the schools for a better idea of what you like
  3. thegayteen answered: depends on major and what you want. i recomend the uc schools tho
  4. beautysjustadramaqueen answered: UCSB!!!!!!
  5. drunkbruises answered: UCD!
  6. perfect-bananafish answered: UCSB!!!
  7. thepucollective answered: UCSB WOOOO
  8. ourlivesborealis answered: You have SO many good options. I’d say UCD or UCSB. Based on your personality, UCD.
  9. blissity answered: Depends on your intended major. Do your research!
  10. sunbeamsmakeyoulovely answered: SB!
  11. letmeknowyourealive answered: UCSC. :)
  12. song-of-myselfie answered: I vote Davis.
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